Application for a worker resident permit

Application of a worker resident permit

To apply for a residence permit “employee”, the following documents must be compiled, in addition to the usually requested documents such as proof of civil status and proof of address:

– Detailed curriculum vitae,

– Diplomas,

– Application for work authorization cerfa;

– Extrait Kbis from the company,

– Company statutes,

– Copy of the last two pages of the personnel register or copy of the declaration of labor movements for the last three months,

– Copy of the two monthly or quarterly declaration slips sent to the URSSAF, or up-to-date certificate of account issued by that administration,

– Copy of the last two monthly or quarterly VAT returns sent to the tax authorities,

– Explanatory and detailed explanation of the recruitment of the employee (skills, specificities of his training, etc.), indicating the exact functions she/he will perform within the company,

– Proof of the unsuccessful job searches made by the company to fill the position.