Victims of terrorism

Victims of terrorism

The Firm intervenes alongside victims of terrorism. It supports them in connection with the compensation procedure before the Guarantee Fund for Victims of Terrorism and Other Crimes (FGTI), which is the body responsible for compensating victims of terrorism and their relatives (also known as « victimes par ricochet »).


As a result of an attack, victims are usually contacted directly by the Fund, which provides them with a provision within one month after the event. It then submits an offer of compensation that the victims are free to accept or not. In any case, it is important to take the time to think and accept nothing in haste.

It is recalled that the period for requesting compensation is:

– 10 years after death for relatives of deceased victims;

– or 10 years from the « consolidation » (stabilization of the disorders) for the victims wounded and / or having psychic disorders.

In order to help the Fund to assess the amount of compensation, victims are encourgaged to submit all the evidence of their damages.

During the compensation process, victims have the right to legal assistance and the assistance of their own doctor during medical expertise.

With her expertise, Aude RIMAILHO ensures that the rights of her clients are fully respected and that the offer of the Fund corresponds to a fair and complete assessment of the damages they suffered. She provides her clients with all the advice they need to position themselves on this offer.

If the clients decline the offer, the Firm may refer the matter to the Tribunal in order to assert the rights of its clients and justify their claims for compensation.

Apart from compensation, the Firm provides a personalized support to victims who are generally helpless in the face of this traumatic experience. Not only does it ensure the link with the judicial institution in the context of criminal investigations and trial, but it assists its clients in their administrative, social and health processes so as to help them to cope with the situation. At last, the Firm may connect victims with specialized associations and professionals who can provide them with additional assistance.

The Firm is a member of the « contact group on compensation for victims of terrorism » initiated by the Paris Bar Association following the attacks of 2015. This group is at the initiative of the recognition of « Anxiety prejudice for direct victims and a prejudice of expectation and concern for relatives ».