What is the difference between community sentence and a suspension with probation?

What is the difference between community sentence and a suspension with probation?

The suspension with probation allows convicts to execute a prison term outside the prison according to article 132-40 of the criminal law code. But it is not considered as a full sentence. It is only reserved to offenses sanctioned by less than 5 years no matter if it is a crime or an offense.

Like community sentence, the suspension with probation is meant to integrate convicts back into the society provided that the offender respect some obligations that are imposed by the first-degree criminal tribunal or by the judge in charge of the execution of sentences. However, the suspension with probation does not require a strict follow-up of the convict by the advisors of the SPIP.

The period of the suspension goes from a year to 3 years against 6 months to 5 years for the community sentence. Concerning the revocation of the suspension, the judge in charge of the execution of sentences or the tribunal can ask for it.

In other words, community sentence is a sentence that is closer to the convict personality. In effect for a year, it is meant to replace the suspension with probation and become more effective and a go to sentence.